Ways to Avoid Debt

Who is not happy if we receive a salary? But for some of us, this date also makes us dizzy seven round, the bill began to arrive. Not to mention the rewards of tithing for God. click here to find out what you can do if you have debt. For some, this is exacerbated by the debts that accumulate like a mountain. The dilemma arises when our income is not enough to pay the entire burden of our debt even sometimes just to pay the minimum payment.

Here are some ways you can do to avoid debt:

1. Make a list of all our debts
Make a list of our debts. The list of debts must be sorted from the largest to the smallest. Do not forget to include the interest rate applicable to each debt.

2. Prioritize payment
Pay the smallest debt first. Pay off so it does not become a further burden for us. While the minimum pay for larger debts. If small debts can be settled proceed to a larger debt. We can also settle the debts with high interest first, new low-interest. Experts also recommend us to pay at least two times the minimum payment so that our debt will be completed less than three years.

3. Do not settle debts with other debts.
In other words, do not open a credit card to settle debt past debt though with the lure of free transfer balance. (Unless the free transfer is followed by a free interest, this should also be done with expert advice). Believe me, completing the hole by digging a hole will make us dizzier.

4. Close (cards) unused credit
If you have settled your debt, we must take firm steps by closing unnecessary credit cards. In addition to saving the annual fee expenses closing the credit card will certainly reduce our temptation to spend in excess.

5. Musiumkan or freeze our credit card at home
Sometimes we can not resist the temptation of mega bazaar sale, discounts, and rebates that are very interesting for us to go shopping. But on the other hand, sometimes we still really need the credit card (for auto payment for example) it’s good if you want to put your card in our closet only. Freezing the card in the fridge is also a good idea because the timing of the disbursement will give us time to rethink every time we are tempted to buy goods.