Take advantage of Ethnic Carpets for Minimalist Houses

Many people love the minimalist design. Starting from a minimalist home building, minimalist furniture, and all other minimalist smell. In fact, all things that over it can have a negative impact, including over minimalist. Imagine how monotonous a home that is filled with something minimalist, without any unique distinguishing accent. In order for your house does not appear plain, there’s nothing wrong to install a classic ethnic-style carpet that once had an idol in the year before the 2000s.

Note the composition of the room. In addition to color, choose the size of the sofa and carpet that match the size of the room. Arrange the composition, so as not to appear overlapping and narrow. The trick that should not be removed is not to place a chair on the carpet, because it will only make the room seem narrow. If choosing a floor with a patterned rug, subtract wall hangings. Because, will make the impression of tightness, too crowded and certainly make the guests so less comfortable when visiting. If your carpet is dirty, you should visit spotlesscarpet.info/ and ask for help.