Watch Out! Trivial Things that Can Trigger Cancer!

Clinging to everyday life makes a lot of people unaware of the stuff around it could be the cause of cancer. Before contracting cancer, it will be better if you conducted a healthy lifestyle starting from now on, it could be start with an exercise and set diet properly. In addition, consulting with experts is also can be an important thing as a precaution. Therefore, fortis bangalore as one of the hospitals concerned about cancer can help you in the prevention of cancer or overcome cancer. With certification and accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) and the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) it is can be confirmed that fortis hospital is the right choice.

Therefore, in order to maintain your health and stay away from the risk of cancer, you have to consider six trivial things around us that can cause cancer!

1. Detergent
The environmental group found the 1.4-dioxane content in the laundry soap. This chemical compound is actually not proven to cause cancer in humans but can trigger tumors in the liver and respiratory system of rats.

2. French fries, chips and fresh bread
Acrylamide, one of the chemical compounds used to treat wastewater is contained in many french fries, chips, bread until donuts. Similarly, the body’s chemical reaction to acrylamide can cause DNA mutations that lead to an increased risk of a person’s cancer.

3. Glass or box of Styrofoam
One of the facts that cause a box or a glass of Styrofoam should be reduced is because of the Styrofoam cannot be parse. Especially because the Styrofoam material is a styrene that triggers the emergence of chemical compounds that can damage DNA.

4. Red rice
Initially, arsenic is only found in various weapons of war such as pistols and rifles. But lately, these chemical compounds are also found in many foods such as brown rice with certain brands. Even more, levels than found in white rice.