These Ad Types You Can Put on the Internet

Online advertising is currently in demand of many people. Many sellers prefer to market their products using jasa iklan google. One of the service providers you can use is to increase your sales amount. If you want to know what types of ads can be displayed on the internet, here’s the explanation:

1. Direct Advertising. Here is where advertisers and media owners directly deal with and sign contracts to show ads or other promotions.

2. Self-service Advertising. These ads typically display text created by advertisers through self-made process methods online.

3. Ad Networks. This is an advertising network that connects advertisers with website owners. These ad networks typically target campaigns that do not have a specific audience target, but target as many people who see those ads for the smallest possible cost.

4. Twitter Advertising. This ad serves as a tweet from the advertiser. Short keyword-based ads, distributed to users who read content that matches the selected keywords.