Singapore is comfortable and clean

Singapore has a good city transportation system. The high incidence of accidents originates from bad road systems and roads that cannot accommodate private vehicles. Finally, in 1987, Singapore has started to build Mass Rapid Transit from the north to south route that continues to grow until now. Meanwhile, while you’re there, don’t forget to visit universal studio singapur as well.

You can choose a variety of alternative vehicles according to the purpose of your location. You do not need to feel confused to walk around because all the existing transportation is well connected. Not only modern vehicles, Singapore also still maintain old-school transportation such as bicycle rickshaws.

In addition, adequate pedestrian paths will also support your holiday activities there. One of the reasons people vacation to Singapore is to visit Orchard Road. The 2.2-kilometer stretch of road is one of the greatest glimpses of how good the city is in Singapore.

You very rarely find garbage strewed and the scenery of anybody smoking. Rigorous regulation is one of the reasons why one major Singapore is very clean, everyone should be willing to pay a fairly expensive fine.