The safe way to towing your car

The first thing to do when going towing The striking car is preparing the rope with a strong material. This is very important because if not strong will break in the middle of the road, you can use a thick mine or rope made of steel. So it needs to be prepared in case of a rope with a strong material. In the meantime, you can also call the professional towing service Lawton, if you wish for the easier and faster way to get your car towed.

Next to towing a Strike car is required Another car with a weight more than will be withdrawn. It aims so that towing becomes lighter and easier.

For a place of rope crane installation in 4 different location. Usually, the manufacturer has added a hook or hook that is placed on the rear bumper or front. It is indeed given in order to deal with unexpected problems such as Cars strike. If you do not know if you can see in the Car book manual to be clear where the actual location.

Please note that when towing the Car broke down, do not let the rope on the bumper or another suspension that is vulnerable to rupture. So when installing the rope make sure that the place is stronghold the weight of the Car. If enforced is very dangerous because it could be the loose hook in the middle of the road and very dangerous for you and other riders.

Another thing to note and be considered is the length of the drawstring. Usually, the rope used is 4 meters long or can follow the size of the body of the car to be towed. By estimating the length of the rope serves to make it easier when crossing the turn or when braking.

At the time of towing Car try not to loose the rope. The purpose of this thing is done to keep the rope so as not to break in the middle of the road. For the recommended speed when towing the Car is 30 to 40 km / h.

Before walking after everything is installed properly, then first discuss the route or the road that will be taken. It is useful in order to avoid holes in roads, sharp inclines, and too many deviations.