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    稱重傳感器1200 High Capacity Precision Low Profile ? Load Cell

    1200 High Capacity Precision Low Profile ? Load Cell

    • Temperature compensated strain gages, with high signal-to-noise ratio
    • Performance to 0.04%
    • Eccentric load compensated
    • Low deflection
    • High Output - to 4mV/V
    • 0.0008%/°F (.0015%/°C) temp. effect on output
    • Barometric compensation
    • Shunt calibration
    • E74 NIST Traceable Tension and Compression Calibration

    The 1200 Low Profile is Interface’s most popular load cell and is designed for static applications. The 1200 has higher output than most competitive load cells and is designed for general purpose applications requiring a load cell compensated for eccentric loads. If you need to measure 1lb or 1million pounds of force, Interface Inc. load cells can do it. The Low-Profile configuration of our fatigue-rated load cell provides up to 100million duty cycles. The gage sensors in every load cell are individually inspected and tested, and certified to meet our rigid standards. Formed from a unique alloy, our gages provide very low resistivity, for high signal;-to-noise ratios for demanding applications.

    Available in models 1240, 1244, 1250, 1260, 1280, 1288, 1290



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