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    EW-74901-15 Cole-Parmer programmable ten-syringe infusion/withdrawal pump

    Cole-Parmer programmable ten-syringe infusion/withdrawal pump, 230 VAC

    • Ideal for low-flow, low-pressure applications where precision is needed
    • Built-in program lets you enter up to eight commands to perform a variety of functions—you can even repeat commands up to ten times; all settings are stored in nonvolatile memory
    • Pumps feature a wide dynamic range (100,000:1) allowing for flow rates from a slow trickle to a steady stream
    • RS-232 interface lets you operate your pump from a personal computer using a few simple commands—great for daisy-chaining pumps!
    • Backlit alphanumeric LCD steps you through setup and operating procedures

    Program flow rate hold, pause, and change of direction; each command can be set to run for up to 12 hours. You can even program infusion/withdrawal pumps to sequence operations: either withdrawal followed by infusion or infusion followed by withdrawal. Choose pumps which accept two up to ten syringes—ideal for pumping exact proportions.
    Pumps also feature two TTL inputs and two TTL outputs. The TTL inputs let you use a footswitch or a process timer to control pump operation. Use TTL outputs for 5 V signal and run indicator. All models include a 6-ft cord with grounded plug (U.S. standard plug on 115 VAC models, European plugs on 230 VAC models.
    What's Included:
    a 6-ft cord with grounded plug (U.S. standard plug on
    115 VAC model and European plug on 230 VAC models).

    Dimensions (in.) 11" x 5" x 12"
    Reproducibility ±0.2%
    Power (VAC) 230
    Accuracy ±0.5%
    Input Baud rate: four settings up to 9600
    Linear force 40 lb/in2
    Syringe size accepted 10 μL to 140 mL
    Syringe travel time 9.5 x 10-6?mm/min
    Flow range per syringe 0.01 μL/hr to 147 mL/min
    Brand Cole-Parmer
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