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    EW-74930-65 Ultra High Pressure Pump

    High Precision Ultra High Pressure Pump, 18,000 psi, Constant Pressure

    • Achieve 18,000 psi pressure across the entire flow range
    • Two versions available—constant flow and constant pressure
    • Flow accuracy to <±1% with precision being 0.5% RSD on >30 sec average flows
    • Allow fine adjustment of flow in microliter increments

    These ultra-high pressure positive displacement pumps have been specifically designed for analytical to high-speed, high-resolution liquid chromatography (LC) applications and ultra-high pressure metering.
    The constant flow pump provides flow rates from 0.001 to 5.000 mL/min, with flow settings in 1 ìL increments and upper pressure of 18,000 psi across the flow range. This pump provides very low pulsation using advanced solvent recompression algorithms and automatic pressure compensation for accurate flow rates.

    The constant pressure version has been developed for LC column packing (1 to 10 micron particles) or for holding reactors at high pressure. Standard features include prime-purge
    valve, pressure transducer, LCD, and RS-232 interface. This pump has a flow range of 0.001 to 12.000 mL/min with the flow rate automatically adjusted to maintain the pressure set point, up to 18,000 psi.
    What's Included:
    6-ft electrical cord with plug.

    Product Type Piston Metering Pumps
    Wetted parts 316 SS cylinders, sapphire pistons, ruby / sapphire check valves, PTFE inlet tubing and UHMW polyethylene seals
    Max pressure 18,000 psi
    Min flow rate (mL/min) 0.001
    Max flow rate (mL/min) 12.000
    Dimensions 5-1/2" x 10-3/8" x 17-1/2" (140 x 264 x 445 mm)
    Pump type Piston
    Electrical connections 6-ft cord and plug
    Power (VAC) 110 to 220
    Power (Hz) 50/60
    Repeatability 0.5% RSD on >30 sec average flows
    Duty cycle Continuous
    Max temperature (o C) 100
    Max temperature (o F) 212
    Accuracy ±2%
    CE Compliance Yes
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